" Playful creativity and problem-solving lie at the heart of my approach"

I'm Neil Max Emmanuel (Nee Nee), a Creative Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, Editor, Storyboard Artist, Cartoonist/Comic Artist and Children's Book Illustrator.

Playful creativity and problem-solving lie at the heart of my approach as I work across various complimentary creative roles. I have a proven track record working with well-known Production Companies, TV channels, Publishers and Media outlets and various organisations.

I'm friendly and love to engage with my clients and add value, whilst being flexible enough to respond to the ever-emerging changes of a design process in my creative endeavours,
I give form to the fog of ideas and create a pathway for clients to share their story, Whether it's making a historical animated map from the medieval period or an infographic promoting equal rights.

Here is just a small selection of clients I have had the pleasure of working with:

TV Broadcast

-Channel 4 (Time Team, Britain’s best known and longest-running historical tv show)

-National Geographic (Illustrated assets Asian Tsunami- Ten Years On)
-BBC Website (I Wonder, infographic illustration for 360 Productions)

Charities and Funding Bodies

-Arts Council England (Production posters & flyers)
-Alzheimer’s Society (Set of illustrations, Alzheimer’s Society)
-Wellcome Trust (Corpse Project illustrations)

Educational organisations

-London School of Business, (In house promo graphics)
-University of Bergen School of Arts, Norway (Comic book Workshop)
-Media Training LTD (After Effects, storyboarding trainer)

Ad Agency

-Greys( Hogarth), (motion GFX for Vodaphone, Virgin, Polident, GSK, and various other projects)
-Merchant Cantos, (creating various Cinegraphs)
-1000 Heads, (Storyboarding for Huawie)


-Fallon (Handsel & Gristel, children's book illustration, Oxford Designers & Illustrators)
-Icon Book: The Middle Ages, (a graphic illustrated guide)
-West Midlands History, (Saxon Gold, Children's Book Illustration)

Visual Facilitation

-English Institute of Sport, National Olympics Institute (Infographic animation, and visual facilitation)
-Deutsche Bank Various events and knowledge working hub, (for 8 Works)
-Coop Bank, (Event Illustration)