About Nee


"When you design good foundations, style happens"- Neil Max Emmanuel



Neil Max Emmanuel  created Nee Nee Creative to make a vibrant space where his numerous works can sing, dance, play, and most of all, be seen by you.

Neil has drawn his way into many roles as a motion graphic designer, storyboard artist, illustrator, cartoonist / comic artist, children's book artist, painter, and photographer.

As the principal 2D motion graphics artist on the award-winning show "Time Team", Britain's greatest historical TV show, he was responsible for creating rich and informative content for over a decade.

After going freelance in 2010 he worked for many channels (BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Nat Geo, History Channel to name a few), production companies and films, using his artistic skills to create illustrated and animated motion graphics, storyboards, and concept work.

Neil spent a few years exploring the world of Event Scribing which has developed his communication skills. He was able to mix with and learn from other talented artists and facilitators in a highly creative and dynamic environment.

Recently, Neil just completed his first historical children's book with West Midlands History called "Hunting for History: Saxon Gold," now available on Amazon. Then he went on to complete a mask-making course with the Florentine master Agostino Dessi. He also teaches Storyboarding and After Effects at Media Training Ltd.